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Odd Ones Press

Hell is Other People (11"x17") by Odd Ones Press

Hell is Other People (11"x17") by Odd Ones Press

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Gaze into yourself.

1-color risograph print, fluorescent orange ink. 11x17".
Illustrated by Meesh Merlin and produced by Odd Ones Press.

Odd Ones Press is a micro risograph print studio hosted by sisters Meesh and Emily Merlin. Both artists and designers, they specialize in making and selling risograph art prints, zines, and other odds-and-ends. 
The work that comes out of Odd Ones Press explores the space between hand-made and tech-made art, embracing the lofi texture and imperfections that only Risograph prints provide. Both artists use symbolism to explore frustrations with office life, a love of nature, and time-based visual representations of healing and heartache. They are constantly experimenting with new techniques to push the boundaries of what's possible. 

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